Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our last rug purchase

Shane wanted to purchase one more Persian rug before we leave Qatar for good.  We went to our favorite "rug guy" at Oriental Carpet and found this rug.  It is a Qom "Hunting" rug, made of pure silk - which is why we will hang it on the wall rather than walk on it!  I did some internet research and found out that Qom rugs are among the best known and finest Persian rugs.  They are made in the city of Qom, Iran, hence the name.  This specific style, the Hunting rug, depicts a hunting scene in the center of the rug.  Our rug's hunting scene has horses with riders, the animals being hunted and different plants.  The border area shows the plants and animals in a more peaceful setting (I guess pre-hunt).  I don't know if the picture does this rug justice...it is beautiful in person. 

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