Saturday, August 16, 2008

All that's done must be undone

I have spent the last few days 'undoing' all the things that we had done in preparation of our move to Sakhalin:  airfare (including the dogs), hotel reservations, packers/movers, pet relocators, etc. Maybe when we have to do it all over again next month it will be they say in Doha, insha'Allah (God willing).

Since our move is being put off for at least another month, Shane is going to Houston to work at the Sakhalin project office for 3 weeks.  Adam and I are going to tag along and see friends and family.  Hopefully we will also get some R&R before we have to come back to Doha and start the moving process all over again.  It will be good to 'recharge my batteries' before making another big move to another foreign place, and being away from Doha during the holy month of Ramadan doesn't sound too bad either :)

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