Monday, June 22, 2009

Russian Wedding Trees

Ever since I arrived here, I have wanted to know what was up with these trees.  We pass them every time we go to town.  I asked and was told that these are part of a wedding tradition.  The groom puts a lock on one tree and the bride ties a ribbon on the other.  Every now and then I will see a wedding party taking pictures here. I still don't know the significance of the trees, the locks or the ribbons.  If anyone knows, I would love it if you would share. 

I have also wanted to stop and take some pictures here, but have never remembered to tell dispatch about it, and am not confident enough with my Russian to ask the drivers. Fortunately, my friend Dee stopped one day last week and took some pictures, and she told me I could "steal" them from her.  Thanks, Dee!

Wedding trees and the deer statue

Lock tree

Ribbon tree


We took a day trip to Hakodate, Japan, with our neighbors a few weeks ago.  We shopped for toys, clothes, groceries, and supplies, and then ate a not-so-wonderful meal at McDonald's.  We had a great time, but were completely exhausted by the time we returned home.  We left the house at 8:30 am and returned close to 12 hours later.  Thank goodness I am going home soon and won't have to make another one of those trips for a while!

The Circus Comes to Sakhalin!

The Nursery and Primary 1 kids put on another show for us recently - this time it was a circus theme.  Adam was in the "scarf throwing" group.  I am not sure what it had to do with a circus, but he sure had a good time!