Friday, August 14, 2009

Class Party

Adam's end-of-school class party was held at our compound this year.  The idea was so the kids could see a different place, as most of them live in the Zima compound where the school is.  Out of a class of around 30, only 6 of them are Olympia kids.  We have a nice playground, and by this time everyone's gardens are blooming.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't informed of our plans, and we got a huge rainstorm that day.  The teachers had a Plan B, which was all indoor games, so the kids had a great time anyway.  Here are some pictures from the party:


Egg and spoon race

This game had the kids walking a distance only on magazines.  They had to step on the magazine and then put the second magazine in front of them until they got to the finish line

Singing songs

Eating with a few of his classmates

Dinner with Friends

We went to dinner with our neighbor's, the Gormans, before we all left for the summer.
Shane, Amanda, Kate, Patrick, Kelly, Conner, Adam and Colby

School Sports Day

Okay, behind on the blog, I am.  The month of July was relatively quiet around Sakhalin.  Adam finished school on July 17th.  One week before school was out, they had a Sports Day.  It was all indoors, as Sakhalin weather in the summer is still rainy and cool.  He participated in a bouncy ball race, obstacle course, bean bag toss, and a few other activities.  It was a fun day, and Adam enjoyed that his Daddy took off work to be there, too.  Here are some of the pictures from the event:

Adam with a few of his teammates

The bouncy ball race

Waiting for his turn

They had to keep this on their head while they raced around some poles

Pushing a big ball

Bean bag toss

Working through the obstacle course

With his teammates

With his class