Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger vs. Facebook vs. Crazy Internet Rates

Did you think we fell off the map?  Nope, still here. I have been neglecting my blog for two reasons:  1) both of our parents have found Facebook, and 2) on March 1 of this year our internet provider changed and the rates went sky high.   Actually, the rates were already pretty high, but the new provider just realized that we found a nice loophole in our plan and remedied that.  We were on the "Unlimited Midnight-6 am" plan, which meant that we could use as much as we wanted between those times.  We had that plan because that was the only one that was fast enough to handle iTunes downloads (which is how we watch our favorite television shows).  The rest of the time, they charge us by our actual usage, or at least that's what they do now (the old provider never did).  That's flat rate plans over here in the Siberian wasteland.  So if we don't watch it, we could be spending hundreds of dollars on internet each month.  Crazy, right?  I think so.  So something had to go.  It just so happened that right about this time my Mother-in-law joined Facebook, the last holdout from our family.  When I considered the time it takes to upload photos into Facebook vs. Blogger, Facebook won hands down.  I upload via iPhoto, and it takes seconds to do a whole album.  Blogger, however, was taking 10-20 minutes for just a few pictures.  And yes, our "fast" internet is still pretty darn slow.  Not that I'm complaining ;-)