Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Around Doha: A few photos

Ahhh, memories!  I will have plenty from living in Qatar for 2 years.  In fact, we arrived at the Doha International Airport exactly 2 years ago today.  I remember what was going through my head (and eventually made its way out of my mouth) when I first arrived:  WHERE are we, and WHY are we here?  To be fair, it was over 100 F outside (at midnight) and the humidity was somewhere around 1000%.  Once we got settled and started getting used to life in our new home, things got better and we started to like it.   It isn't long now and we will be moving on, to a very different place with a VERY different climate and culture.  I will always remember living here, and always treasure the memories and friends that we have made here.

The following are a few pictures of regular sights around Doha that I have taken over the past few months.  

I pass by this shop nearly every week, but have never stopped to buy their chicken.

Not necessarily an odd sighting:  someone going the wrong way in a roundabout

I haven't seen a 6-door car in, well, ever!

Who can forget the horrid sand storm that lasted almost the entire month of June 2008?  Not me, and certainly not my housemaid :-D

I believe Qatar is the only Middle Eastern country to not have a National Mosque.  Well, now they are rectifying that with the building of this huge silver thing.

Not a great picture, but this intersection is commonly known in Doha as the "pump and pray" intersection (see the mosque next to the gas pumps?)

I am not sure what the deal is, but many drivers in Doha are scared to approach the light when it's red, sometimes leaving an entire car length between them and the intersection.

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Jason said...

Just how fresh are those chickens? You can probably tell from the pitch of their "baaak bak bak bak bak!"