Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ahhh...I can't wait!

The weather in Houston looks heavenly!  It is almost noon there and only 77 F!  A little rain sounds good, too!  It is 7:30 here and the sun set over an hour ago and it is still almost 100F!  It has been scorching hot lately, and I am ready (for more reasons than the weather, of course) to go home!  Only 3 more days until we leave!

Thai is the new Mexican!

Yes, this is a restaurant!  This is the restaurant known around Doha as the Thai Massage or the Thai Snack House.  There is a massage parlor next to the restaurant, so a lot of people just associate it with the restaurant.  Mexican food used to be a favorite of mine, but now Thai food has taken that spot.  Shane and I love this place, and are now regulars.  If you are looking for good Thai food in Doha, this is the place to go!   Another great thing:  it is cheap!  3 people can eat for less than 50 QR ($13.50).  

Thai Festival

For a Mother's Day outing, I went to the Thai Festival at the Intercontinental Hotel with a friend of mine.  Since it was a "school night", Shane stayed home with Adam.  There were Thai chefs, music and dancers.  Thai food is my new favorite food, so it was good to try all the different dishes.   I still think the Thai Snack House is the best Thai food in Doha, but it was a great time and good to have a night out!

Regular Doha sightings

Construction, construction, and more construction!  It's on every street in Doha.  The "tornado" building (middle pic) was started not long after we moved here.  It was lunch time, so I didn't get any shots of people not wearing hard hats or harnesses.  But don't worry about the safety of the workers, nearby residents, or just passerbys:  they have a sign!  

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is just CRAZY!!!

I was reading the Gulf Times (Qatar's English newspaper) today and ran across this article. I couldn't believe what I was reading!!! If this had happened in America, the maid and driver wouldn't have been the ones arrested, it would have been the homeowner! Check out the craziness that is Sharia law in Qatar:

Maid, driver jailed for having illicit relations
Published: Thursday, 8 May, 2008, 02:03 AM Doha Time

A DOHA court has convicted a housemaid and a driver of having illicit relations and sentenced them to a year’s imprisonment and subsequent deportation. The couple are in jail since early January.
The Filipina housemaid and Nepali driver were caught in a compromising position by the maid’s employer.
The employer, an Arab woman, claimed that she chased the man then tied him up and waited for the police to arrest him.
She returned home at lunchtime to find her maid in a state of undress with the man.
When she shouted at the pair, the 22-year-old man hastily put on his trousers and fled through the back door of the house in Markhiya. However, he had not counted on the home owner’s determination.
Seeing the man flee, the 38-year-old Palestinian jumped into her car and gave chase.
After quickly catching the man, she locked him in the boot of her vehicle before driving back home to tie him up.
In prosecution papers read to the court, the woman explained: “I followed him using my car until I caught him. I put him in the boot of the car. I then took him to the house and tied him up before I called the police.”
The court also convicted the Filipina (28) of granting access to a house without the owner’s consent, and the man of entering a house without the owner’s permission.
The defendants denied they were sexually involved, and both insist the man came to the house to collect a mobile phone belonging to another Nepali currently serving time in prison.
The court decision is open for appeal.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Google Video Site

As promised, I have gone through all of the video that Shane and Rob took while Sam and I were in Dubai. It looks like the kids really enjoyed jumping on the trampoline! Anyway, instead of posting the video here, I decided to use my Google Video site to publish it. Click here to view my videos.

I will add this link to the right hand side of the blog so it can be viewed at any time.