Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now you see it, now you dont!

This move just gets crazier and crazier.  Monday was such a good day; it finally seemed like things were moving along smoothly for once.  Well, Tuesday was a completely different day.  The work permit that Shane was issued was revoked.  Apparently, immigration got wind of it and told EM not to bring him there to work on that permit.  The labor laws (or whatever they are called in Russia) are very strict and the penalties are great if one gets caught working without a permit or with the wrong type of permit.  We will now have to wait until the visa extensions are granted to the Sakhalin region, which should be at the end of August.  After that, it takes about 4 weeks to obtain a new work permit, so we are looking at moving at the end of September or beginning of October.  We will stay in Doha until then and Shane will work his new job from here.  I am hoping to one day to look back on all of this and laugh...

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