Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where is the sky????

On the other side of those trees is the water!

You can barely see the water

View of West Bay from Lusail St. (at the Rainbow R/A)  - taken today

Same view - taken last October

Coming up Lusail Street toward Rainbow Roundabout - you can barely see West Bay

Ahhh...summertime is here.  Or should I say UGHHH!  We arrived back in Doha on June 3, and haven't seen the sky since!  It has been nothing but high winds and sand/dust storms.  Sheets of sand were hitting my car like rain!  And literally, everything is gray.  I think it is starting to affect me (in the same way I am affected in Houston when it is overcast for a long time) - I want to see the sky!!!  However, I am complaining now about not seeing the sky, and in 1 months time, I will be complaining about the heat...and then in 2 months time I will be complaining about the humidity (and well ready to get the heck out of here!).  It hasn't really been hot - today it is 38C, which is around 100F (yes that is cool for here).   Without the humidity, 100F is tolerable - that is without all the sand and dust blowing around...

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