Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dubai to Houston: a 16 hour trip!

We opted to take the direct flight from Dubai to Houston on Emirates instead of having a layover in Europe as we have had in the past.  Even though the flight was 16 hours long, it was nice to not have that layover.  The in-flight entertainment was probably the best we have seen, with more movies, television shows, and games than we could possibly watch.  There was a port to plug in our iPod so Adam could watch his cartoons anytime he wanted.  There was even a power outlet to plug in electronics so we didn't have to carry a bunch of battery packs.  The trip to Houston was a day flight, so we all watched movies and TV most of the trip.  The trip back was a night flight and we all actually got some sleep, so we weren't complete zombies by the time we arrived back in Doha.  Overall, I would say it was a good plane experience, and if we had to do it again - the direct flight is the way we will go.

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