Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Next stop: Yoakum

At the zoo

Swinging with Oma

Playing golf with Daddy

Helping Mommy drive the cart

Showing off my outfit from Key West

Checking out the train at the zoo

Watching the ducks

Taking a trip down the slide

Our next stop was Shane's hometown of Yoakum.  While we were there, we took a trip to the zoo in Victoria.  It was a small zoo like Doha's only without the big animals (lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, etc.).  I think Adam's favorite thing was the otter!  He chased it from one end of its pool to the other!  It was also at the zoo that Shane and I realized that we were no longer used to the humidity!  It gets really hot in Doha, but there is very little humidity (with the exception of August) - and you don't sweat!  What a difference a year makes....I guess we are "climatized".  

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