Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guess why we are blowing bubbles???

Beware....this post is all about potty training, so if you are not interested, move on to the next post! I promise I won't post much about this, but since this is a huge deal for us right now, I am sharing our story for those that are interested:

We are working on potty training today. We have tried it in the past with poor results. Adam has never been interested in sitting on the potty long enough to go in it, and was getting really upset when we tried to make him. Today, however, he was different. I got some bubbles as a reward for him if he did go in the potty, and that seemed to do the trick. Every time he has gone, he goes straight to the bubbles! To get him to go the first time, I placed a diaper on top of the potty (I saw that in a book). That seemed to work. After that, he went without needing the diaper there. I have given him cup after cup of orange juice and milk so we can "train" his bladder. It seems to be working (thanks, Mom!). He has had a few accidents, and we have gone through several pairs of underwear (and finally the pajamas) this morning, but things seem to be progressing. The last couple of times he has gone, he has done it without an accident.
I am going to keep him out of school tomorrow and possibly Sunday. We will see how the weekend goes. The only thing we are supposed to go to is the kids' Valentine's Party on Friday. I am not sure how we will handle it as it is still a few days away. It will all depend on how well he does today and tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

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