Saturday, February 9, 2008

Parties and potty training

Yesterday was the Kid's Valentine's Party for the Pegasus Club. Or as the kid's know it, the Bouncy Castle Party. That's basically why they all come! Adam barely got off it the whole time he was there, until he realized that there were cookies and other treats. He discovered a wonderful thing called Fairy Bread, an Australian kids treat. It is basically bread with butter and sprinkles. Sounds awful to me, but kids seem to like it.

Potty training update: Adam is doing well. He went to the Valentine's Party in a pull-up, but didn't go until we got back home (about 2 hours later). Today he went in the public toilet at the mall. I think he is ready to go back to school, so I am going to send him tomorrow in underwear and see how it goes.

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