Monday, April 6, 2009

Sapporo, Japan

We spent almost half of our vacation in one of our favorite cities:  Sapporo, Japan.  This time, we stayed in the JR Tower at the Sapporo Station.  Our room was on the 32nd floor, so it had great views of the city.  We did a lot of the same things that we did the first time we went to Sapporo:  shopping, eating Japanese food (ramen, gyoza and sushi!) and taking in the sites.  

View of Sapporo from our room

Night view

Shane with Adam at the observation deck of the JR Tower

Amanda and Adam

Adam checking out the view

Finally - after taking about 50 shots, I got a good one!

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Tim Newman said...

I liked Sapporo too, although I only spent one night there.