Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rock Island Tour

We took an all day tour of Palau's Rock Islands.  We visited several snorkeling spots, and Shane and I got to snorkel for the first time.  The tour guide looked after Adam for us so we could both go out at the same time, which was nice.  He sat on a paddle board the whole time while we snorkeled, and had a great time.  Here are some pictures from that day:

Adam and Daddy

Amanda trying to keep out of the sun

Yes, the water is really this color!

Shane and Adam in the Milky Way (the bottom is full of limestone silt from the eroding islands)

Adam with the tour guide

On the boat, ready to go out

It was just beautiful out there

Adam protecting his face from the wind while the boat was moving

A rainstorm over an island

Shane coming in from snorkeling

One of the Rock Islands

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