Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okhotskoye Beach

Today we went on a trip to Okhotskoye beach to see the swans.  Apparently, they migrate from Japan to mainland Russia with a short stopover in Okhotskoye, which is on the southeast coast of Sakhalin Island.  There were about 25-30 of them, and they got pretty close to the shore. The kids threw bread at them, getting them even closer.  It was fairly cold out there, especially right on the beach.  At one point Adam walked right into the surf, not realizing how cold the water was going to be.  I guess he was remembering our recent trip to Palau, where the water was considerably warmer!!  Lucky for him, his Mom thought ahead and brought an extra set of clothes, for this very reason!

The swans at Okhotskoye

My Russian teacher, Elena

Adam, Colby, and Kelly running from the water

Kate and Amanda posing for a pic


Icy beach....brrr!!

Adam and Mommy

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Dan and Dee said...

lucky you! I have yet to see the swans. I am glad you got there and had such success in seeing so many!
Back this week, can't believe it is almost over. I will miss Candace but have missed Sakhalin...see you soon