Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Snowstorm!!

Well, we finally got a real snowstorm!  Everyone kept telling us that we would be knee-deep in snow (at least) here.  Before today, the most snow that was ever on the ground was maybe 4 inches.  This morning we woke up to about six inches on the ground, and this afternoon it is over a foot in some places!  It has snowed hard all day, and is still going strong as I type this at 3:30 in the afternoon!  The dogs went out and inspected it...Buster loved it and Bailey didn't.  She didn't care much for wading around in it, but Buster frolicked around like the crazy dog that he is.  Here are a few shots:

I had planned on taking down the tree today, but after seeing the shed under all that snow, I changed my mind!

You could still see the bench this morning

Bailey wading through the snow

Buster loved it!

The bench is gone by lunchtime!

Our front porch

Buster having a great time


Connors in Doha said...

Love the snow pics, just realized that Athena has never experinced snow...

It's a perfect 75 degrees here. We did a New Years block party and didn't even need to put on sweaters until after midnight (those of us who weren't warmed up by the champagne of course:-)

Dan and Dee said...

finally caught up with your blog. Great snow pictures. My fave--the dog with his chin on the shelf in the snow.
Christmas looked fun here!