Monday, December 8, 2008

Wacky Weather Week

We have been having weird weather here since we returned from our trip to Japan.  When we returned, there was plenty of snow on the ground - just as there was when we left the week before.  A few days later, the temperatures rose into the high 30s/low 40s and it all started melting!  Let me tell you - I prefer just snow.  The ice/slush mixture is not easy to walk on.  By Thursday, it was raining and the snow was almost all gone.  The only trace was a little at the curb from the snowplows.  This past weekend, the temperatures dipped back down into the 20s and the snow started up again.  All I have to say is "YAY"!  

Yucky slushy/icy mess on the first day it started thawing

The snow was melting and then refreezing at night - to ice

The snow is back - as is my personal shoveler!

After a snowstorm - I love the way it makes the trees look

After a snowstorm - can barely see the road or sidewalks even though they had been shoveled/plowed several times

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Dan and Dee said...

Me too! I love looking out my windows and seeing the snow cling to the branches!