Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Assembly

On Adam's last day of school before the holiday break they held a Christmas Assembly for the Nursery and Primary classes.  Adam's class sang "10 Little Stars", a song I had not heard of, but was very cute.  The kids all made hats with stars on them for it.  Adam is not a big fan of crafty projects, so I am pretty sure that he had a lot of help with it to make sure that it was finished in time for the Assembly.  

After the Assembly, we hung around until the class let out at 11:30.  They played games and sung songs and it was fun to watch the children in their school environment.  

Adam's class singing "10 Little Stars" - Adam is on the top row on the far right

Playing "bobbing for candy"

Got one!

Eating Christmas treats

Running around 

Playing "statues"

Running and dancing to the music

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