Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day in Sakhalin

Our big activity on New Year's Day:  shoveling snow!  We finally got to the shed in the back, which was a real task since we haven't shoveled back there since it started snowing Tuesday night.  After we finished shoveling, we pulled Adam around on the sled.  It proved pretty difficult in the areas that were over 1.5 feet, but we waded through it anyway!  Happy New Year to you all!

Adam helping Daddy shovel the walk

Amanda in the snow

Adam trying to wade through the snow

Sledding down the street

Attempting to sled through the deep snow

So pretty!

All the snow got caught in his sled


Kelsey said...

I wish we had that much snow here.

Tim Newman said...

This is the most snow I've seen fall overnight since I've been here, but according to those who've seen more Sakhalin winters than I, it is pretty much normal. Last year was very disappointing, with a very short ski season.

Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

I am hoping for more! Before we moved here I saw this photo:! There are people out here that say they have never seen it like that and they have been here 4 years...

jon b. said...

I spent 99-2001 in Yuzhno and we had amazing snowstorms. It was phenomenal. I lived down across from the Intourist Hotel on Sakhalinskaya.

I haven't been back since and miss it. Enjoy, it was a wonderful place when I was there.