Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had our big Halloween celebration today.  I know, it's November 2, but because of the extended work week, the carnival and trick-or-treating was postponed until today.  There is a holiday here on Tuesday called Unity Day, which celebrates the uprising that led to Polish invaders being driven from Moscow in 1612 (according to good ole Wikipedia).  Anyway, since this holiday falls on a Tuesday, everyone works on  the Saturday before so that they can have Monday off as well, giving them 3 continuous days off.  

We included all of the Zima (Shell) kids as well, so there was a big turnout at the carnival - approximately 70 kids.  Adam played a few of the games, got his face painted, jumped on the bouncy house, and ate hot dogs.  After the carnival, Shane took him trick-or-treating and I went home to hand out candy.  

As you can see from the photos, Adam dressed up as a fireman for Halloween.  It turned out to be a perfect costume choice since it was raining, and a raincoat, boots and hat would have been part of his ensemble anyway.   

Adam the Fireman

Fishing for treats

He wanted a green skull and crossbones for his face

Walking in the costume parade

Costume parade

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