Friday, November 7, 2008

Aggie Bonfire - Sakhalin style

Tonight we went to the Aggie Sakhalin!  Yes, I know this is a bit early for is supposed to take place before the Texas game.  However, many people are going to be away for either vacations or business trips during that time, so they decided to have it early.  There are several Aggies here in our compound, and the men all got together and built this miniature version of the real thing...complete with an outhouse on top!   I thought they might cancel it since it rained so hard today, but apparently that didn't have any effect on burned just fine!  It was pretty cold out tonight, so gathering around a fire sounded good to me.  And Adam was excited for another chance to get out in the snow.  Shane had to work late, but made it before the fire died down.  

The completed bonfire earlier today

A few of us in a group picture before the big event

Lighting it up...

Adam all decked out in his snowsuit

All ablaze

Mommy and Adam in front of the fire

Hanging out and watching the action

Amanda and Dee 
(my welcomer and source of info before we moved here)

Adam goofing around with David

Shane showed up at the end, and it started snowing again


Jan said...

No way, Aggies on Sakhalin! Do you know whether the t.u. game is shown anywhere in Yuzhno? Zima only has limited US Sports Channels ...


the only German Aggie on the Island

Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

I believe it will be on ESPN, which we get out here at Olympia. The game is at 11 am Sakhalin time on Friday the 28th. We won't be here, so we will have to record it and stay away from the news...

You might try Mishka pub - they have several TVs and as long as you claim one you get to pick the channel. I know they have American sports stations, but I don't know if they have ESPN specifically...

Good luck!

Ray-Babies said...

You weird Aggies :)

Did you like the game yesterday???