Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I learned the Russian word for snow today...снег (pronounced snyeg), and for good reason.  It started last night and continued through the morning.  The forecast calls for more everyday until Saturday, so maybe I have seen ground for the last time until May!


dohafriends said...

Hey, I noticed the Sakhalin weather information is now gone--what's up with that?

Time to build a snowman--by the end of winter, you should have an army of them!

Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

Sorry...it was too big and I didn't realize anyone looked at it but me. It's back! Oh, and LOVE the website name!

Anonymous said...

It snowed here in Korea yesterday too. What amazed me is that Jindo, which is the southernmost tip of the country, had huge, chunky snow. It didn't stick around, but I was still quite amazed.

Dan and Dee said...

Loved your pictures. I stole one for my blog again.
Happy Birthday Adam!