Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Adam!!

Today was Adam's 4th birthday!  At least it was here, in Sakhalin.  His birthday is actually just beginning in Texas, and just ending here.  Crazy time zones!  Anyway, I think he had a pretty good day.  He went to school and I took cupcakes (or as Adam likes to call them, muffin cakes) for the class.  They sang "Happy Birthday" to him in English and in Russian.  I thought that was pretty neat that the kids know it in Russian.  After school we took a sled ride around the neighborhood (see previous post).  Daddy came home early from work (Yay!) and we had cake and he opened his presents.  We gave him a kid's digital camera, and I think that is his favorite present.  He took around 70 pictures so far, and to my surprise, they aren't bad.  I will post a few of his shots when I get them all downloaded.  We also gave him a Winnie the Pooh book and a Thomas the Train puzzle - 2 of his favorite characters.  Overall, it was a pretty good day. He was happy, and that's all that matters to me!

Adam's class singing "Happy Birthday" to him

Blowing out the candle

Posing with the cake before we dig in


Opening presents

Checking out the Winnie-the-Pooh book

Taking my picture

The Birthday Boy

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