Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopping in Yuzhno

Being here a little over 2 weeks now, I have had the opportunity to locate some of the more popular shopping spots (according to my neighbors, anyway).  They have all been very nice and helpful, taking me to all sorts of different places to find what I need/want.  

So far I have been to three grocery stores:  Lubemi's, Slavyanski's and Magazine 1. They are very small, even by Doha standards.  The baskets are tiny, and so are the aisles. Everytime I am in Magazine 1, it is so packed with people and everyone is rushing around that it is hard to stop and look at anything.  The only reason I still go there is to buy fresh meat and bread.  Their selection is better than Slavyanski's.  I made chicken that I bought there, and it was really good! Anytime I would buy chicken in Doha it was like rubber disks once it was cooked.  Lubemi's is a really good place to find household cleaners and toiletries.  They carry most of the brands I was used to seeing in Doha.  I have also been to SMS and Panorama, which sell things like trashcans, cutlery, kitchen stuff, etc.  

Today I was taken to a warehouse/commercial sales area known as Mira 19.  There are many different shops, all catering to grocery stores and small stores.  They have everything it seems, from food, alcohol, children's clothes, toys, bread, and appliances to name a few.  The nice thing is you get it in bulk quantities, so I don't have to run to the store every other day to get things like milk and juice.  The place is a far cry from Costco or Sam's Club, but serves it's purpose just the same.

Another area I have visited recently was the Korean Markets.  This place reminded me of Souq Waqif and the Vegetable and Fish markets in Doha.   There were small shops set up outside selling fruits and vegetables, shops set up inside for meats, candy, spices, clothes, and just about anything else you might want.  I have been real impressed with the fruit and vegetable selection so far.  I thought everything might be questionable quality, but I have been pleasantly surprised - or maybe I have been away from shopping at HEB too long!  

Inside the Korean market

Candy, anyone?

Some fruit and vegetable stands


Tim Newman said...

So far I have been to three grocery stores: Lubemi's, Slavyanski's and Magazine 1. They are very small, even by Doha standards.

Ha ha! Wait until you've been here a while, Magazine 1 will seem huge. Last time I was in the UK, I felt lost at sea in a Tescos.

Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

I know what you mean about being overwhelmed by big supermarkets now! I was in Houston in September and felt like a tourist in Target! Just the shampoo aisle alone took me 30 minutes!!!

Selena Ze Arteest said...

:)) When I go back home from a long trip I feel like a guest in my appartment for the first days.