Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Russia with Love

Well, here we are!  Our first day in Russia!  And what did we do?  Well, we mostly slept.  Adam woke up around 1:30 pm.  I woke up with Shane, who had to go to work, poor thing.  I unpacked for a while and then fell comatose on the sofa.  Once Adam woke up, we walked down to the little shop inside our compound and bought a few essentials.  Here are our photos from our first day here:

Our house - we are the unit on the right

The pups have made themselves at home


Another view of the kitchen

Dining room & office area in the background

Living room

Another view of the living room and the front door and entry

Adam's room

Another view of Adam's room

Master bedroom

Another view of the master bedroom - and that's a walk-in closet behind that door!

Master bath

Walking trails in the compound

A look down our street

Children's play area - in progress

Poor baby - so jet-lagged

Adam in the frozen section of the store in our compound

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Tim Newman said...

Yay! Welcome to Sakhalin, fellow bloggers!

I see you're in Olympia, that's a good spot to be in. At least you should have water and electricity. :)