Monday, September 15, 2008

Common sights around Houston

One thing we noticed when we got home was how much the news media has gone crazy over these hurricanes!  I don't remember there being this much fuss over them before.  I think they are really trying to scare the you-know-what out of everyone.  I was never scared of them when we lived here, but after watching a few hours of Gustav coverage, I was terrified that it would come to Houston.  

Message displayed on the Amber Alert signs throughout Houston...another message displayed:  "Keep your gas tanks full"

I couldn't resist taking this thing's picture.  I bet the Qataris would love to drive one of these!

The disgusting creatures on the bumper of our rental car are called Love Bugs.  Why?  I know it's not because people love them.  They seemed to be especially bad this year, worse than I remember.  It almost felt like they were attacking you when you walked - getting in your hair, mouth, clothes...Yuck!  

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