Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Space Bag commercial

Have I mentioned that I love Space Bags?  I don't know how I moved to Doha without them.  Since we are moving to a wintery climate, if one would call it that (some still insist we are moving to Siberia!), we have purchased clothing and bedding to keep us warm.  In order to fit it all in our air shipment, I purchased Space Bags at home and brought them over with me.  All of this stuff (and maybe more) should fit into our air shipment boxes, so we will have all of our winter clothing when winter arrives.  We are not sure how long our sea shipment will take, since not many people go from Doha to Sakhalin.  All they can tell me is that it takes 8 -10 weeks from the USA.  Hopefully they won't send it there first :D  Cooler temps will probably hit Sakhalin in early October, so we want to have all of our stuff before then.  It is so different having to prepare for cold weather.  Having only lived in TX and Doha, I have no concept of a real winter.  I have a feeling I will figure it out soon enough!

This is the "before" picture
My "after" picture

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