Sunday, July 13, 2008

Driving around Doha: common sights

On our journey to the fabric souqs, I got out the camera and took some videos.  We had hoped that some of the things that we see on a daily basis could get caught on tape.  However, it was a pretty boring day as far as the driving was concerned (a good thing, actually).  There were a few small things that happened, like people trying to move into our lane while in a roundabout, but overall nothing too crazy to report.  I will post a few of the videos on my Google video site once I have sorted through them.  I also took a few pictures of things that we did see in terms of crazy parking and high-traffic areas of town:

A common sight in Doha - a guy washing someone's car in a parking lot (costs about 8 QR)

The crazy parking around the banking district

A look down Electricity street (oddly enough, where most of the tailors are located)

A lovely parking job in front of Designers Tailor

Look how close he got to that car!

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