Thursday, July 17, 2008

It must be love: A journey to Sakhalin, Part 2

It has been a full day already, and it is only 11 am.   Actually, I was ready to pack it in this morning at 7:30.  Now that we finally have our flights reserved for our move, we can book reservations for the dogs.  I called Lufthansa and booked them all the way to Seoul, South Korea (via Frankfurt).  No problem.  Then I called Asiana Airlines to book them on the flight between Seoul and Yuzhno.  The first lady I spoke with said we didn't have confirmed tickets, that we were waitlisted.  After speaking with the EM Travel person here in Doha, he said that was crap and that we did have tickets.  So I called back this morning.  Well, basically, they only will ship pets (or anything else for that matter) up to 32 kilograms.  That's fine for Bailey, she only weighs 26 kg crate and all.  But Buster weighs 35 kg with his crate.  They told me I couldn't bring him, I would have to ship him.  Well, that would be fine if the Russian Federation would let us do that, but they won't - they require that all pets are brought in as accompanied baggage.  So now we are back to Square 1, as they say.  Our next option is to fly through Japan, but EM Travel cannot issue us tickets on the airline that flies from Tokyo to Yuzhno (they say it is a budget airline, go figure).  All that's left is to fly through Moscow, which we have been told is a big hassle, but aside from sending Buster back to Liberty, it's all the option we have left.  I located flights from Frankfurt to Moscow and from Moscow to Yuzhno on Aeroflot, a Russian airline.  I called an agent to ask about bringing pets and if there was a restriction.  She didn't speak real good English and I don't speak any Russian, but I did manage to get that it would be fine, that the would put them on the plane as baggage, no matter how much they weigh.  Hopefully this will work out.  At least we know EM Travel can book us tickets on Aeroflot, as that is the route that Shane is taking for his business trip.  Stay tuned...

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