Sunday, April 6, 2008

Only in Qatar, NEVER in the USA!

Only in Qatar would this have happened. Shane lost his iPod last week. He thought that he left it on a shuttle bus. We figured it was a goner. I mean, we are from Houston. It doesn't matter what you lay down there, it's gone if you turn your head! Anyway, for his birthday he decided to replace it with an iTouch. We went this weekend and picked it out. Well, guess what was returned to him today at work? We couldn't believe it! I always knew this was a more "honest" country than America, but this still amazed me. As little as some of these people have, they still don't see the need or want to take what's not theirs. Now, what? Well, Shane loves the iTouch and doesn't want to part with it, so now we have an extra iPod...anyone interested?

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