Sunday, April 27, 2008

Boys (and 1 girl) in Doha

While Sam and I were in Dubai, the boys (and Catrina) were at home. On Friday, Shane and Adam went over to jump on the trampoline and throw some balls around. It got pretty hot out on the trampoline, so Rob and Shane started squirting them all with water guns. Shane brought the video camera, so we have a lot of video of their 'playdate'. I will edit it and post it in a later post, or at least provide the link to my Google Video account. Meanwhile, I was able to get some stills of the video for this post.

Playing on the trampoline
They had to put socks on them because it was so hot!

Shane armed with the water gun

Rob's turn

Catrina is saying "spray me"!

Playing ball

Shane and Adam working on his catching skills

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