Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay, this was my first attempt, but the Hubby approves!!

I have been into baking lately, trying out different things on my family and neighbors.  Winners:  apple pie, cherry crumble pie, zucchini bread, strawberry cake (in taste only....the icing was a little droopy), lemon tea cake and now kolaches.  Losers:  let's just say that my attempt at a chocolate lava cake ended up all over my friends kitchen....literally like a volcano.  So yeah, that's off the list.

So here is my first attempt at Kolaches, a traditional Czech dessert/breakfast item that before this were only able to taste in the Great State of Texas.  I found the recipe in Texas Monthly and have been wanting to try it but because of the multiple steps was always afraid I'd screw it up somehow.  But miraculously, I didn't.  I made prune and sausage, my hubby's two favorites.  My next batch included some apricot, cheese, and sausage/jalapeno, which were also good.  I forgot to take pictures the second time, but I got some of my first batch.  There aren't very many here, because we had already dug into them :)

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