Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Controlled substances

Adam has had a really pesky cough the last few days. The only thing that controls the cough is a cough suppressant, such as Robitussin or some equivalent. When we moved here last year, I brought a bottle of this with us. I have since run out of it, so I took the bottle to the chemist (pharmacist in USA) to get some more. Apparently, you need a prescription for cough suppressants here. I find this pretty funny since you can buy most anything over the counter, including Viagra, muscle relaxers, and even most pain relievers. Never fear...as usual in Qatar the rules are made to be broken. When I looked at the man in disbelief, he said, "It's okay....you have the bottle so I will give it to you".

Just another day in the life of living in Doha!

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