Monday, September 14, 2009

Port "A"

After visiting my Dad, our next stop was Port Aransas, TX, with Shane's Mom.  We rented a house that was located about 10 minutes (walking) from the beach.  It was nice to have a little vacation within our 'vacation' home.  We ate a lot of seafood, made sandcastles, played in the waves, swam in the pool and got some sun (some of us got a little too much!).  At the end of the week Kim and Joe joined us.  Joe hadn't seen Shane since we moved to Doha!

Relaxing in the beach house
Eating at a local seafood restaurant
Walking to the beach
Wading through the sand
On the beach
Playing in the waves
Building sandcastles
Walking back to the house
Playing in the surf
Playing on the beach
I love this picture!
Swimming with a noodle - by himself!
Amanda and Kim
Group photo

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