Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skiing around Olympia

I have a new favorite thing:  cross-country skiing!  My neighbor Kate and I went both days of the weekend for a few hours around the compound...we both left the hubbies at home with the kids!  We just start skiing from the house and go through all the trails on the compound.  It's fun, but definitely a workout.  I can feel it in my arms, legs, shoulders, and stomach.  That's a good thing, right?  Anyway, we are going to keep at it a few times a week and maybe get good enough to venture off the compound...but this is good for right now.   Another neighbor, Cheri, went snowshoeing with us one day and took a few photos...enjoy! 

The hardest part was making new trails...the snow fairly deep in some places

Kate and I and her pup, Brinkley

The snow felt sooo good...we were both sweating bullets!

Okay, now we had figure out how to get up!


Ray-Babies said...

That is nuts! What you do for fun in Doha is a little different than there!!!

Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

Yeah, no skiing in Doha! But I love was what I was looking forward to the most about moving here...getting to ski!

Jason said...

Sounds like a good time.