Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kid's Christmas Party

Today was the Exxonmobil Children's Christmas Party. Santa was there - on his camel, of course! They have various activities set up to keep the kids entertained. Adam tried the big slide, but after one turn, realized he didn't like it. He wouldn't get close to the camels without having someone (Daddy) hold him. He was the same with Santa. I helped him decorate a cookie, and he really like that. We also ran into Tory, his babysitter. I think he was a little upset with her since she didn't babysit when we went to the St. Andrew's ball, but he warmed up for a quick picture. We couldn't stay too long since he is still taking an afternoon nap, and by 3:00, he was getting pretty wild! To see all the pictures, click here.

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