Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy stuff

I read posts on on a daily basis. There is usually very useful stuff on there. Today was no different. I found these two posts very interesting and stopped to realized how different things really are over here.

The first post, about the new traffic laws had these two statements that stood out to me:

Expatriates caught drunk while driving are to be deported. This is the only traffic violation in which an expatriate caught is to be deported. - I wish they would do this at home!

The fine for a motorist driving an automatic car and caught resting his legs on the dash board or the side seat is QR10,000 and a jail term of a month to three years. - Is this really a problem????

The second post, was about physical addresses. Now, everyone in the USA has a physical address, even if their mail comes to a P.O. Box. Well, here, there aren't even street names, much less house numbers. We live in a compound, and have a house number for that compound, but to try and tell people where the compound is - now that is another story.

"All residents should keep a note with their full address stuck near the telephone in case they need to call 999. People still don’t know their addresses and this is a factor that holds us back in reaching our callers faster," said Penny Price of Hamad's Emergency Medical Services. "We need the caller to tell us the street name, street number, house number, and zone so that we could detect the location in our computer system instantly and respond," she explained.

-I guess I could call up our favorite Indian restaurant and place an order, then call the ambulance and have them follow the Indian delivery guy here - because he sure knows where we live!

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